Being only an attorney satisfied my mind, but never my heart or soul. For most of my life it has been extremely difficult for me to find meaning to our human existence here on earth.

At the age of about 11 years, I got angry with God. I started doubting his existence and embarked on a journey (without realising it at that time) of looking for him in all places outside of myself. Not only did I start questioning God and his existence, but I began an internal war by questioning myself and my own reason for being here.

I couldn’t find God, but I found many ways to “shut down” on life so that I didn’t have to feel or think. I hated it here, but I was too proud to admit it to myself. The only relief for my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain and discomfort was alcohol. 

I created so many masks to fit in. I created so many illusions to “sugar coat” my life. I created so many self-sabotaging patterns to prove (unconsciously) that I’m right about God being a failure, a liar and a fraud. Where was he when I needed him?

The truth is, that every second I spent looking for God outside of myself, I was sabotaging my own divine essence within. Every time I looked for answers outside of myself, I gave my power away. Every time I blamed God (or anything or anyone for that matter), I refused to take responsibility for my own life. I became the failure, the liar and the fraud. And the real question was “Where was “I” when I needed me”?

I’ve tried many different healing modalities for many years, but they all seemed to have been “quick fixes”. I felt good when I left after a session, but it was a matter of time before I went back to my old patterns and behaviours. I found these sessions to be unsustainable, and I couldn’t see any tangible fruits in the long run.

In 2015 I found the Modern Mystery School (which is only a name for a “vehicle” that has been in existence for more than 8000 years on this planet). The core or motto of any Mystery School is to “Know Thyself”.

These ancient tools and teachings completely transformed my life! Initially I was only seeking relief from the pain and discomfort, but gained so much more than I could ever logically explain. It gave me hope by showing me opportunity and potential. It helped to break through massive blockages and limitations (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) that was holding be back from all the good things in life. Not only does this work help me to see the lower aspects of myself on a daily basis, but it also provides me the tools to rise above them. It helped me to heal wounds that I thought were impossible to heal, to value myself, to find purpose and meaning, to find answers within and ultimately to take back my power by accepting the fact that I am the creator of my own reality. 

I’ve always wondered what it meant to be created in the image of God. It has always been such a foreign and bazar concept to me, and yet, it seems to be the one common golden thread between all religious scriptures and spiritual teachings.  Choosing to get to know yourself will help you to explore and understand this concept on a deeper level every day. The more you get the know yourself, the more you get to know God. The more you get to know God, the more you get to know yourself.

Today it’s my biggest honour to have been trained to “give back” to the world what these transformational tools and teachings have done for me.

If you are seeking for the key that opened the door for me to this process of healing and empowerment, click below or let’s chat over a cup of tea/hot chocolate.