Ancient Crystal Healings

Ancient Crystal Healing

Feel refreshed, joyful and at peace

The Ancient Crystal Healing can be used for the following issues/areas:

Empowerment – enhances general empowerment in your life.
Physical – deals with physical body healing, energy flow and releases blockages.
Emotional – healing of the heart and emotional wounds.
Pure Mind – helps with meditation, concentration and focus.
Mental – helps with mental clarity and your thought processes.
Libido – helps with sexuality and creativity.
Space Reversal – helps with clumsiness, losing things all the time, disorientation, having trouble being grounded and feeling “on another planet”.
Time Enhancement – helps if you are late often, time passes too quickly and if you need assistance with time management.

This is a profound healing that sends you deep into theta and you will awake feeling refreshed, joyful and at peace.

Session Type




60 Min






Ancient Crystal Chanting Healing

Heal old wounds, new wounds or bring good fortune

The combination of crystals and chanting, penetrates deep into your subconscious to bring about either the healing of new wounds, the healing of old wounds or to bring in good fortune.

Session Type




20 – 30 Min






What People Are Saying

Empowerment beyond my imagination

My sessions with Carissa were absolutely unbelievable!! Each session brought me calm, reason, understanding, so much peace, a new found energy and most importantly empowerment beyond my imagination. Carissa is incredible at allowing you to achieve what is most needed in each session, she is passionate and has a genuine care. Every session exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the empowerment we all deserve.

Dale Scorer 

Greenwich, United Kingdom

Feeling of relief and clarity

“What an experience! I am so grateful for Carissa who guided me in the Life Activation session. The feeling of relief and clarity was astonishing as tears ran down my face. She really opened my heart to things that I never saw, and things I never wanted to see, but all of that made my mind stronger and more open to everything I face daily. Thank you Carissa, your energy is incredible and I wish everyone could experience this!”

Marizanne Griesel

Randburg, Johannesburg

Detail, insight and clarity

“The Life Purpose Reading gave me so much detail, insight and clarity into my own life and future. Your love and softness encouraged me to show it more to myself. Thank you, Carissa.

Anette Smith


Positive thoughts and different perspective

The Life Activation guided my heart and mind to an assortment of concealed thoughts and emotions. The experience opened my mind to positive thoughts and a different perspective of life. I left feeling relieved and empowered, ready to radiate my new-found energy on the World around me.
Carissa’s essence and peaceful nature reassured me throughout the process. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to connect with their mind and body, past, current and future.

Camilla Trollope

Morningside, Johannesburg


Feeling relaxed, focused and at peace

The Emotional Cord Cutting left me feeling relaxed, focused and at peace. Carissa’s energy embraced all the hurt and self-doubt, while I felt the negativity loosing it’s grip on my being. All the other sessions with Carissa rejuvenated my energy levels. My relaxed state of mind was immediately noticed by my colleagues at work and suddenly I was getting things done that I procrastinated for ages. Carissa makes one feel at ease and takes one to levels never experienced before. Travel light is a way of going through life the way it is supposed to be. Thank you Carissa.

NP van Wyk

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