Life Activation

Connect with your Higher Self 

Ensofic Reiki

Live life fully alive

Full Spirit Activation

Increase your connection to your soul

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Restore your feeling of wholeness within

Shamanic Aura Clearing

Clear your aura


Egyptian Aura Healing

Deep healing within all 7 layers of your aura

Laser Light Therapy

Stimulate & balance the major organs of the body

Tree of Life & Chakra Awakening

Reawaken the chakra system

Ancient Crystal Healings

 Ancient Crystal Healing & Ancient Crystal Chanting Healing

Meridian Lines Healing

Release blockages that prevent Energy Flow

Spark Of Life Healing

Connect to your original Divine Spark

Aura Healing

Balance & cleanse the Aura


Emotional Cord Cutting

Stop losing energy to other people

Positive Energy Renewal

Bring light & blessings into your life

Negative Energy Removal

Clean & purify the aura

Purification By Light

Clear up undesirable energies in aura

Energy Balance

Realign & Rebalance your body


Specialty Healings

These advanced healing modalities can only be provided by a certified Guide. The honour of the Guide initiation allows the Guide to access light and healing energies in a very special and profound way. These supporting sessions enhance the healing journey of all those who receive them.

Etheric Reconstruction

Restore your sacred Divine nature and connection to God 

Ra Healing

Receive clarity, freedom and peace

Spirit Infusion

Realign to the highest light for deep & profound healing

Laying of Hands

For deep comfort and healing

Space Realisation & Alignment

Realign your personal space for balance & harmony


Ancient Crystal Reading

Insight into past, present & future energies

Life Purpose Reading

Get deeper insight into your Life Purpose

Ancient Crystal Reading

Insight into past, present & future energies

Life Purpose Reading

Get deeper insight into your Life Purpose

Sacred Spaces

Ancient Crystal Gridding

 Create a positive space at home/work

Sacred Temples

Elevate the energy at your event

Ancient Crystal Gridding

 Create a positive space at home/work

Sacred Temples

Elevate the energy at your event



Empower Thyself

Powerful tools for self-healing, protection & empowerment


Max Meditation System™

A truly revitalising experience for deep relaxation



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What People Are Saying

Felt empowered, motivated and energetic

“Carissa, I am so grateful of you, and so much in awe of the radiant, warm beautiful human being you are and of your ability to help people. The ancient crystal reading gave me so much insight into my own life. It helped me to understand myself better, trust myself more and improved my relationships with the people close to me. After my sessions with you, I’ve been able to start a process of change, especially to old patterns, which is truly a blessing to me. I felt so empowered, motivated and energetic afterwards. Also, I have not had a problem waking up in the mornings, which has been a life long struggle. I feel less dense and lighter on an energetic level. It feels like less baggage are being carrying around in my body. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible healings you did for me.”

Nicci Buys

Btyanston, Johannesburg

Confidence to deal with life

“I have had the privilege of working with Carissa for two years and found her to be an amazingly warm and caring person. Carissa did a Life Activation for me, which opened me up to new experiences and gave me more confidence to deal with what life has chosen to throw at me at this stage of my life. I wish Carissa everything of the best going forward and I know she’ll change all her client’s lives for the better.”

Megan Mackenzie

Sandton, Johannesburg

Brought me clarity and strength within

“During my trip home to SA last year I was fortunate to be introduced to a lovely lady called Carissa Geyser, and her talent and ability to heal. I was pleasantly surprised and gratified to receive so many blessings and healing through my Life Activation and Emotional Cord Cutting. My sessions provoked a sense of release and thoughtfulness, and also brought me clarity and strength within. Since the sessions with her (now some months later), I can attest to having a sense of appreciation of letting go of burdens I carried around me for a long time – working with her is life changing.

Lesley Solomon


Things are finally falling into place

My first session with Carissa was a Crystal reading. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and to my surprise most of my questions were answered by her before I could even ask them.

Before the reading I was lost and after the reading I had so much clarity and perspective of what was going on in my life. The session was soo great, I even got a promotion out of it. Things are finally falling into place, new positive doors have opened and I feel more confident about myself and what the future holds for me.

Lerato Mphayi

Sandton, Johannesburg

A massive influence in my life

“Carissa is a person whom I have had the privilege to call a friend for more than 10 years. We met at university during our wilder days and I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to the transformation Carissa undertook to grow into the person she is today. I believe the biggest contributor to Carissa’s development and transformation can be attributed to the tools that she uses and her deep yearning to learn, develop and enrich her soul. Carissa has been a massive influence in my life, not only as a friend, but also as a teacher and healer.

Petri van Zyl

Kitiwe, Zambia

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