Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Restore Your Feeling Of Wholeness Within

Feel more grounded in everyday life

Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, as well as events, concepts, conditioning and programming that are not revealed in our consciousness.

Soul Retrieval can help if you can feel or sense that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within.

Benefits of this session include:

• A sense of ease, flow, purity, and simplicity.
• More presence in your mind, body & emotions.
• A feeling of being more grounded in your everyday life.
• A sense of inner wholeness.

This session is good for:

• Healing during times of transition.
• Healing from severe or mild trauma.
• Recovering after hospitalisation or surgery.
• End of life preparation.

Session Type


(special request possible to do at hospital/home)



1-2 hours





Full moon and three days before or after full moon

What People Are Saying

Feeling stronger than before

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my 85 year old mother.

During 2018, she took very ill and she underwent a deep mind journey into dark spaces.

Carissa, you suggested an Emotional Cord cutting and Soul Retrieval.

As my mother was very frail, you visited her at my home and setup the most beautiful space with prayers and incense.

My youngest daughter and I were there to support her, and as we walked into the room, we felt so much love and caring from the energies summoned. The three generations of woman, being my mom, me, her daughter and her granddaughter was just the most powerful and the emotions expanded into a centre of love and light.

During the healing Carissa worked with her and  my mother set her intentions to become stronger and healthier and to take back her life. She has let go of many sad memories and negative emotions.

To hear her speak her truth was so emotional and the energies within the room were just so gentle and loving.

Since this experience, my mother is mentally stronger than before, she continues to be physically frail, but she celebrates each new day with determination and vigour and enjoying a quality of life that we did not believe she could.

Thank you, Carissa, for the most caring healing, she is so much better because of the love you showed her.

Sharon Barrow 


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