Empower Thyself

Powerful Tools For Self-Healing, Protection & Empowerment

A Course to Help You Think Outside of the Box

This two-day course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to empower your life with secrets of sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.

Traditionally reserved for a select few, this ancient information and teachings are now accessible to the public and remain unchanged for 1000’s of years from the time of King Solomon the wise.

Gain the tools needed to hold and maintain light and balance in your life and the lives of those around you. In Empower Thyself you are handed down powerful tools for self-healing, protection and empowerment.

This two-day course helps you to think outside the box and will challenge what you have come to learn as the truth while growing up in the matrix.

Some of the topics covered in this training include:

  • the origins of creation and the universe
  • who and what you are as being
  • why humanity exists today
  • a basic structure of the cosmology (universe)
  • tools for clearing negative blocks
  • learn how to open and utilise the five physical and five spiritual senses
  • the positive and negative ego
  • learn how to grow your chi and protect your own personal energy field
  • basic universal kabbalah
  • proper meditation techniques
  • the chakras and energy flow
  • initiation
  • handing down of sacred teachings and rituals etc.

Benefits of this Programme includes:

  • Greater awareness and connectivity to your own intuition and inner guidance.
  • Learn how to connect with your Guides and Higher Self.
  • The empowerment of 10 times more Light to directs toward your goals, dreams and desires in life.
  • Receive ancient tools and sacred rituals to anchor and flow light in your life.
  • Awaken your divinity and align yourself with your true purpose.
  • Permission to work with Angels and other Light beings on a deeper level.
  • Permanently align your personal will power to flow in alignment with the will of God, Nature and the Universe.
  • Handle challenges and obstacles better.
  • Access to hidden secrets of the mysteries of the universe.

How do I know that Empower Thyself is right for me?

  • You have a distinct and definite knowing inside of you that you have a great purpose to fulfil.
  • You are inspired to make a difference in this world.
  • You are committed to your own spiritual growth and self-development in a real, tangible way.
  • You are willing to do what it takes to live a fulfilled, joyful and abundant life.
  • You are someone who believes there is more to this life than just the physical experience
  • You are aware of a greater consciousness beyond this level of reality.
  • You have tried many different spiritual programs and paths, while you may have found some truth there, there was always something missing.

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2 Days (over weekend)





Life Activation

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What People Are Saying

Left me feeling lighter

“Carissa found me in my darkest and most vulnerable days. Her love, care and guidance encouraged me to begin my journey of spiritual awakening and healing. The Life Activation was truly inspirational and uplifting. It made me feel balanced, calm, positive and gave me insight into my life and of who I want to be. It left me feeling lighter, eager and motivated to experiencing life to the fullest and also inspired me to continue to pursue a journey of traveling light. The cord cutting helped me to let go of negative emotions and attachments of my past that were holding me back. It also allowed me to move forward feeling balanced, empowered and having a greater understanding of people and situations of my past. Carissa continues to be by my side guiding, healing and inspiring me to reach my full potential. She has changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful to her for this.”

Celeste Stevens 

Auckland Park, Johannesburg

I feel empowered

“Carissa made me feel so comfortable, especially as I was going through very raw aspects of my own psyche. I was searching for answers and for healing. After the Life Activation I feel empowered, filled with force and purpose, and stronger in my ability to trust that I have all the tools to connect on a far more powerful and spiritual level. I trust in my path and feel that there is a strong universal energy conspiring with me because I took the time to listen to myself. The universe always calls, you just need to answer.”

Paige Albyn

Bryanston, Johannesburg

Felt a positive change

My life activation session was incredibly powerful and emotional, a good and positive emotional. I felt a sense of calmness and warmth being in Carissa’s presence as she completed my activation. Carissa, I cannot thank you enough for helping me unlock my light and for guiding me on my journey in life. Your energy is truly magnificent, you are a Goddess that shines bright and provides comfort and warmth in everything that you do. Thank you for sharing your light with me. Since my session, I have felt a positive change in my thoughts and mostly the way in which I see myself. One of the biggest things I took away with me, is that I am enough! I thank you for guiding and helping me bring more light into this world. Namaste.”

Kirst Ritchie

Fourways, Johannesburg

Was very powerful

The Life Activation was very powerful and I was deeply moved by the entire process. It left me feeling light, excited about life and it gave me an unfamiliar, but welcoming sense of clarity. I was quite overwhelmed with a variety of emotions before the session, but Carissa’s energy immediately made those emotions settle down, which made me feel so calm and at ease. She helped me to centre myself and understand the importance of surrounding myself with positivity. Her presence made me feel “at home” and very comfortable (as soon as you meet her you will understand what I mean). It was truly one of the most calming and relaxing experiences of my life and I would recommend this session to all my friends and family.

Cherisse van den Berg

Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Truly a wonderful experience

The Life Activation was truly a wonderful experience. It felt like I was touched by an angel and I could feel the connection between myself and heaven. I have never felt like that before. Carissa knows what she is doing. Since the session with her, I am a changed man. I have a stronger connection with my angels and I will always be deeply thankful for her for changing my life.

Davidson Paul Sibeko

Sandton, Johannesburg

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2 weeks ago

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“To be godly is to be compassionate! Being compassionate to yourself and all beings in the world brings peace, love and joy.We certainly could use more of God's compassion in this world for so many reasons!Written in the medieval ages by (Meister) Eckhart von Hochheim, a German philosopher and mystic who influenced many contemporary philosophers and psychologists, this quote is a reminder that the need for compassion is universal and timeless.If you are seeking holiness and divinity, look no further than the heart of compassion within yourself.”#repost @modernmysteryschoolint #modernmysteryschool #compassion #spiritualpath #travellighthp #keystoflow ... See MoreSee Less
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