I started writing a personal blog to share how much value I received from making a very simple attitude change. As I was busy writing, I realised that a group in South-Africa is already reflecting this pearl of wisdom in such a profound and beautiful way!

A group called #IamStaying was created on Facebook by Jarette Petzer to celebrate South Africans who are proud to say that they are staying (1 million members and counting). This group deeply inspired people to look for reasons to stay and has created massive ripples of light throughout South-Africa!

As a little girl I was taught that “Life is a test”. Throughout my life, this ingrained belief has created an unexpected amount of turmoil within me. In my eyes, I was failing most of the time at life (especially as a Virgo with a deep desire for perfection). I would beat myself up for everything I “failed” at, and would end up feeling disappointed, unmotivated and depressed. My “failure” would spiral further into shame and unworthiness of being here. Furthermore, this belief was followed by a pattern of giving up before I’ve even started to avoid this fear of failing (notice the downhill trap of negativity).

If life is a test, South-Africa has failed multiple times. I’m no politician, but I know enough to know that we’ve screwed up a few things. The key here is that when someone screws up (ourselves or our country) we always have the gift to choose our attitude or how we respond to whatever is presented to us.

As soon as I became aware of the sabotaging effect of my belief in my life, I chose to change my attitude!

I simply replaced my limiting & unsupportive belief of “Life is a test” (it might be something else for you) with “Life is an opportunity”!

Viewing your life as an opportunity opens a doorway within you for pure magic to happen!

Imagine replacing our personal (fruitless) beliefs we hold towards our life with the attitude that life is an opportunity. Then when things go wrong or we make mistakes, we don’t view it as a failure or fall into negativity (fear, anxiety, depression, judgment, opinion, blame, shame, projection, bashing the past or give up like many South-Africans have done), but rather choose to accept our failure as an:

  • opportunity to rise so that we can experience our courage, strength, and power
  • opportunity to grow to get a further glimpse of our limitless potential
  • opportunity to choose better next time so that we can experience our inner wisdom
  • opportunity to forgive ourselves so that we can learn self-love
  • opportunity to inspire others to do the same!

Every single thought, word, and deed create a ripple in the collective consciousness whether you realise/believe this or not. Every thought, word and deed will manifest in some way, shape or form and we all have the power to create ripples of light or darkness.

Every thought matters. Every word matters. Every deed matters.

I want to honour and thank the #IamStayers for creating this opportunity for inspiration & magic to flow within South-Africa. Thank you for choosing to rise above. The easy way out is to fall into negativity. It takes courage and strength to choose beauty & good.

Cheers to our shared opportunity called life! It might not always be easy, but we have the power in our hands to choose our attitude.

#NamaStay – a combination of “Namaste” (I bow to the Divine in You) and “I’m staying”!