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Carissa Geyser


Carissa Geyser
+27 84 758 5855


Limina Lucem
130 Boeing Rd East, 2007 Bedfordview, Gauteng
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Oct 23 2021 - Oct 24 2021


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


R7 500


Prerequisite - Life Activation

Empower Thyself – Reclaim Your Crown

This two-day transformational course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts & ancient teachings to empower your life with secrets of sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.

Traditionally reserved for a select few, this ancient information and teachings are now accessible to the public and remain unchanged for 1000’s of years. Many great leaders, inventors, artisans, and travelers have received this training. These people reflect the greatness of the teachings in their own life & work. Some of these students include (to name a few): Sting, Dawid Bowie, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Mother Theresa, Da Vinci, Rudolph Steiner, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, etc.

In Empower Thyself you are handed down powerful tools for self-healing, protection, and empowerment.

After this weekend, you will have everything you need to take back your power, find your own answers within & create magick every single day of your life!

Registration details:

Email: hello@travellighthp.co.za.

Deposit: R3750 to reserve your spot (limited seats).

Banking details: Travel Light (Pty Ltd), FNB, Account no 62748139715, Branch code 250655.

Ref: ET/Name.

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